Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Friend & other things

Our friend came over for dinner because his family was on vacation in Utah. He goes to the same law school as my Dad did so that is how we know him.
We had dinner and then talked with him until about 1 am! Well, of course, I had to go to sleep before he left. *grumble*
Anyways, I am reading a series of books called "Sammy Keyes." The books are part mystery and part... Umm, I guess random. Sammy (Me! Just kidding, we just have the same name... :)) Keyes lives in an apartment for elderly people. She isn't with her mom because she is trying to get a job in Hollywood. Sammy Keyes has names for people she doesn't like, or for people she doesn't know well. She calls her mom Lady Lana because she doesn't like her own mom. Her mom just dropped her off at the place. She calls a Officer Borsch the police The Borsch Man because they don't have the best friendship... She calls his assistant Muscles because he is muscular. Anyways, you get the point.
I really like them...
Now I don't really have anything else to say now, so, Happy Blogging!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I really have nothing to post about, so I thought I might as well post about it. Happy Blogging! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We are back in Kansas from Utah, and it is good to be home! (I do miss Utah and my family, though!) Anyways, I get to see my friend that I haven't seen in forever today. I am really excited! Right now she isn't home so I am waiting until she gets back. OOO! She just pulled up to the driveway!!!! Gotta go!!!