Thursday, December 23, 2010

Look at this rockin' background!

Hey Everybody! Don't you think this Christmas background is the cutest thing? The bad thing is is that I will have to change it in less than two days... but I might keep it for a couple extra. Most of you probably know this already, but you can get awesome backgrounds for your blog like this one on or I bet there are a million more, but these are the ones that I know of.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't really thought about it in a while.
As you can see to the right, I have gained followers. 15, oh yeah! Well, that is nothing compared to my mother. She has like, more that 300! I don't even know how people figure out people's blogs. I mean, I am a ten year old girl. Usually no one wants to listen to kids. Almost. I'll have to look at those followers.
I am in fifth grade, and there is supposedly this thing called 'The Snowball dance." Everybody is asking one another, and it is really getting out of hand. (I haven't been asked yet, thank goodness.) I am not going to ask anybody. It is just plain dumb. I don't even know if it is going to happen! Seriously!
Let's change the subject. On Friday, it was my grade's Christmas party. It was so fun! We had a white elephant, and I thought I was going to get something that I didn't want- well it turns out that I love art, and I got like a million brand new markers. I brought a picture of Justin Bieber that said Girl on the frame. I really hate him. The person who get mine was James, and he is really annoying. What a coincidence!
I don't really have anything else to talk about. Please comment!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture Day

Today was picture day at my school. How exciting!
Anyways, for picture day, I curled my hair, and wore this cute sweater that my Grandma got for me. It's all about the clothes, baby!
I really don't have anything else to say. Ugh, that is just me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cecret Lake

Today I went on an all day field trip with all of the 5th graders up to "Cecret Lake." And yes, that is how you spell Cecret in this case.
Anyways, it was so fun! We drove over there and then hiked up a mountain up to the lake. It was beautiful! The lake is really big. I walked the perimeter with a girl named Anna, and it took forever. It was awesome, though!
The art teacher came along with us so she could teach us a landscaping lesson. She told us to draw what you see about the view we had up there, so I did. My teacher also came a long too, obviously, but that means that we had to do a little bit of science with it to. We had to write what we saw the was being eroded, and what we saw that was weathering. Ugh!
But the fun part about science that we did up there was that we had to find a rock and then write about it on a piece of paper. My rock is so pretty! It has a ton of crystals in it and part of it is purple.
When we were done with our work, the teacher said that we could do whatever as long as it was safe. Of course. I mean, I wasn't planning to do something that wasn't safe or anything, but you always know that that is a rule. Why bother wasting time saying it?
It was really fun! Well, that is pretty much all I have to tell you, so, Happy Blogging!

P.S. Tomorrow I have to watch the Maturation Program. Ugh! Wish me luck! (Yuck!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sorry, I've been getting into school...

Probably no one looks at my blog anymore because they know that I am not the best at doing, like, three posts a day or something.
Anyways, I haven't been posting for a while because my family moved from Kansas to Utah and I have been getting into school again with all of the homework, etc.
When I lived here before my family went to Kansas, I went to Hawthorne Elementary. It is an ELP school, and my mom didn't want to take the test again for it so now I got to Dilworth Elementary. I like Dilworth a lot, because it has a lot of cool things that my other schools didn't have. For example, lockers, cool assemblies, 3 recesses :), and a ton of other things. One of the things that I am not looking forward to is my first Maturation Program... it's supposed to be next week on Thursday from 1-2 or something. But, if my mom comes to it, my sister and I will get to go home with her from when she leaves after it. I don't know if we will stop by my brother's room to pick him up of just leave him there until school really ends. We will figure it out, though.
You probably know some of this from my mom's blog, but I am going to tell you anyways. My family had renters in our old house, and they moved out right when we moved in. So no, we did not have to buy a new house. I have to share a room... I have never had my own room before! Well, when I was a baby, but still. I have to deal with my sister talking to herself in the middle of the night about how much she loves Edward Cullen and how she knows she will meet him someday and they will live happily ever after because everything is possible. Dream on, sister!
I had some friends that went to Dilworth and went to my church, so I am not lonely and school. It is really fun at recess because the Kindergarten playground is right next to ours, and there is a cute little boy who has a wheel chair that plays "Monsters VS. Aliens" with some friends. Whenever we are watching him he "rolls" over and says hi. My friends and I say hi back, and then we usually say, "Go play! Have some fun!", so one time he said the exact same thing to us when he came over. It was adorable!
My birthday was on the 22nd of August, so let me tell you about all of the awesome stuff we did on that...
1. Drove.
Doesn't that sound fun? Well, we did do this...
2. Stop at "Little America" and have a really nice ( and good!) dinner.
Thanks for planning that dad! It was awesome!
Well, I guess you probably get the point about what has been going on with me. If you have any questions about something, just ask me in my comment thing. Bye!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Friend & other things

Our friend came over for dinner because his family was on vacation in Utah. He goes to the same law school as my Dad did so that is how we know him.
We had dinner and then talked with him until about 1 am! Well, of course, I had to go to sleep before he left. *grumble*
Anyways, I am reading a series of books called "Sammy Keyes." The books are part mystery and part... Umm, I guess random. Sammy (Me! Just kidding, we just have the same name... :)) Keyes lives in an apartment for elderly people. She isn't with her mom because she is trying to get a job in Hollywood. Sammy Keyes has names for people she doesn't like, or for people she doesn't know well. She calls her mom Lady Lana because she doesn't like her own mom. Her mom just dropped her off at the place. She calls a Officer Borsch the police The Borsch Man because they don't have the best friendship... She calls his assistant Muscles because he is muscular. Anyways, you get the point.
I really like them...
Now I don't really have anything else to say now, so, Happy Blogging!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I really have nothing to post about, so I thought I might as well post about it. Happy Blogging! :)