Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Pour Your Heart Out

This is my first Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday at Shells! I'm really excited.
I'm really grateful for my fam. I'm gonna go one by one from oldest to youngest about why I am grateful for them.
I'm grateful for my Daddy because he went to lawschool and went through all his hard work for us. He took the BAR, (Which he said was freakin' hard.) he studied, (Which he said was freakin' boring.) and he still got to spend time with us and he still got to love us. (Which he said was the freakin' best part.) I love you, Daddy!!
I'm grateful for my Mommy because I wouldn't be here if she hadn't been there for me. Thats one thing, but another is because if my siblings and I were ever misbehaving she would get angry and stop liking us for a while, but she would never stop loving us. I love you, Mommy!!
I love Elise, my sister because she is very very weird, but in a very very good way. At one time she will be angry, and half a second later she will be as happy as she was when she found out Mommy was pregnant with me. She loves me, and that is the best part about her. I love you, Elise!!
I love Isaac, my brother because he is another very weird dude. He will change obsessions very quickly, from Thomas to Mario to Big Time Rush to BrainSurge. He is also pretty funny... and he is the miniest out of all the Dunaways. I love you, Isaac!