Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deer Valley

My family and my Grandparents are in Deer Valley right now. There is so much to tell about all the memories we have had at our cabin- "The Woody House!" The cabin is huge and is owned by a friend of my Grandparents. (It's so huge, it has an elevator!!) There is 5 bedrooms, also a pullout bed, an elevator, an elevator, There are so many TVs, that I don't even know how much there are, an exercise room with a massage table, phones to talk to people in different rooms all over the house, a pool and a hot-tub- even the pool has jets!, and a lot more things that would take do long to type. (Are ya' jealous? :) )
A really awesome part about staying at the Woody House throughout this week is that since the rest of the family isn't coming, My sister and I get to bring a friend to have a sleepover on Thursday!!
My dad is in Kansas so he can find a job so he isn't here..
Well, I will tell you about the sleepover and everything later.... Happy Blogging!!

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