Sunday, July 4, 2010

Soccer games and Water Parades

Sorry about the f down at the bottom of the post...
Anyways, these 2 subjects are more random than you think. Here is the random thing about soccer games-
I went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with my BFF Bailey. The half time shows were so random, and so were some things that happened at the end. At half time, there were 2 acts- a "Zuper Stars" act, and a Burger king race. Zuper Stars are these people in blown up animal suits- like a hamster with a ponytail, a flamingo, a dinosaur thing, and a seal of some sort. They all did hilarious dances and then did one of their own, like the dinosuar thing ripped of his shirt and started dancing, the flaming spun around on the ground standing on only one hand, and the ponytail hamster bounced on his head. At the end the seal was dancing around when a dude in the crowd started running around in the field. The seal swallowed him, and it showed the guys shoe fly out of his mouth. When the seal let him back out, he was only wearing his white boxers with red hearts all over them.
The random thing about water parades is that random people squirt you with their water guns or pour a cup of water of your head. Except what happened to me is I got poured on with a milk jug full of water!!!
That is all I have to post about right now... nothing else about water parades and soccer games will come to mind. Happy Blogging!!

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